View photos from the last 15 years of touring, traveling, performing, and competing!

Teeterboard act in Kunming, 1992

Olga and Chun Mei in the US

Cirque premiere party in Toronto

He asked, so I said okay...

Heller Raum in Vienna, posing before a show, 1996

Hao Desheng (trapeze partner) just before we go onstage in Germany

Being a "tourist" while on "tour" in San Francisco, 1999

Paris, our finale

Vienna, 1996

Friend Zhong Yu, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Chun Mei

NZ article feature trapeze act

Flag Circus Poster

Somewhere in Europe

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  • Cirque du Soleil
  • Royal Albert Hall
  • Knie Circus (Switzerland)
  • Flag Circus (China)
  • Andr√© Heller (Germany)
  • Ringling Brothers (USA)

Performances in over 20 Countries

USA, Canada, Mexico, China, Germany, UK, Holland, Belgium, Hungary, Spain, France, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Monaco, Denmark, Luxembourg, Japan, Czech Republic...

International Circus Competitions

  • Cirque du Demain - President's Gold
  • Monte Carlo - Silver Clown
  • Budapest - Silver
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